I love music and how it inspires people. I feel a huge sense of achievement when seeing my pupils progress. In the same way I find a sense of worth in tuning ‘real’ pianos as each and everyone is utterly unique as are their owners! I really like meeting new customers and aim to encourage everyone to enjoy playing their pianos.

My achievements and experience are the foundation upon which I have built my business. My high level of service and reasonable costs have meant that my piano tuning clients are mostly long standing customers and the majority of my piano pupils have been with me for some years, whilst others have come back to me time and again after taking a break for various reasons.

If you’d like to know more about my CV as such, please read on, or contact me to discuss your requirements.

"Shirley T has been friendly piano tuner for 15 years, always efficient, always enthusiastic, and sympathetically respectful of my old upright 1920 Kaps"   Marion Gibbs, Petersfield

"Shirley Trinkwon has tuned our much -loved but aging Baby Gran Piano for around 17 years now, in 3 different homes, and we greatly appreciate this wonderful continuity of care.
She is always cheerful, efficient and practical, and never seems to mind that we haven't always dusted, or that the room may not be tidy!
The piano always sonds lovely after her visit, and my favourite bit is listening to her play at the end, as she checks it out before she goes.  Highly recommended"
  Stella Hawkins, four Marks

Career summary:

Peripatetic Piano Teacher Boundary Oak School, Fareham April 2001- July 2002
Piano Teacher Private Sept. 2000 - continuing
Piano Tuner Self employed June 1991 - continuing

Key skills and achievements:

Registered Teacher ISM Jan. 2006
Diploma Teaching (Piano) ABRSM July 2003
Certificate Teaching (Piano) ABRSM July 2002
Performers Certificate (Solo Piano) TRINITY July 2001
Professional Development Cert. BTEC July 2000
HND Piano Tuning London 1987 1991
CGLI Keyboard Instruments London 1987 1991

Systems used:

Sibelius music software C’COAST 2000
Mosaic music software C’COAST 2000
Note book music software C’COAST 2000


Teaching Dyslexic Pupils ISM 2007
Teaching Grade 5 Music Theory ABRSM 2006
Piano Exam Syllabus 2006-8 ABRSM 2006
Music Teaching Seminar ISM 2006

Awards and membership of professional bodies:

Member of the Incorporated Society of Musicians (ISM) 2000
Member of the Pianoforte Tuners Association (MPTA) 1995

Recent Exams

Piano / Jazz Grade 1 ABRSM 2004
Piano / Jazz Grade 2 ABRSM 2005
Piano / Jazz Grade 3 ABRSM 2006
Piano / Jazz Grade 4 ABRSM 2007
Piano / Jazz Grade 5 ABRSM 2008

Piano Ensemble Intermediate Level ABRSM 2008
Piano Ensemble Advanced Level ABRSM 2009

Lever Harp Grade Initial TRINITY 2009
Lever Harp Grade 1 TRINITY 2009
Lever Harp Grade 3 TRINITY 2010
Lever Harp Grade 4 TRINITY 2011
Lever Harp Grade 5 TRINITY 2012
Lever Harp Grade 6 TRINITY 2013

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